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Big Ideas

Big Ideas

One of the many great radio magazine type program's on Radio Rational.

Ian Lowe bia_20100826.mp3 ( direct link to mp3 )

Ian Low is president of the Australian Conservation Foundation. This edition of "Big Ideas" has Prof Lowe talking with Peter Barclay about Global Warming , new economics the artificial emphasis given to the extractive sectors of the economy, and many other areas.

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System | Earthster

Some links to research, ideas and approaches to Green Economics

System | Earthster

The Open Source meme spreads like a cooling salve across the planet :)

Encyclopedia Of Earth

Encyclopedia Of Earth search economics

Garnaut Climate Change Review

The Garnaut Climate Change Review presented its Final Report to the Prime Minister of Australia and the eight states and territories on 30 September 2008.

The Review was an independent study conducted by economist Professor Ross Garnaut, commissioned by Australia's Commonwealth, state and territory governments in 2007.

The Garnaught Review Entry Page

Melbourne Energy Institute
OPINION PIECES Latest researcher opinions

Zero Carbon Australia Stationary Energy Plan in brief

The plan shows that it is technically possible to reach 100% renewable energy for Australia within a decade and the technology to achieve this transition is commercially available now. (Solar thermal with molten salt storage replaces baseload power currently sourced from fossil fuels.)

Australia has one of the best solar resources in the world – solar thermal power in the ZCA plan will supply 60% of Australia's electricity.

Wind will supply 40% of Australia's electricity in the ZCA plan. This is comparable to Denmark's 50% by 2025 goal, and Spain's 25% by 2020. In another comparison, China's wind energy industry has been growing by 100% per year for the last four years.

The plan sets out detailed resource and labour requirements.
A transition to 100% renewable energy will create around four times more permanent jobs than currently exist in the domestic fossil fuel sector.

The ZCA Plan will generate an investment of $370 billion over ten years – a stimulus to the Australian economy that is equivalent to 3% of our GDP over ten years.
The investment required for the transition is affordable at $8 per household per week.

Economics and Policy Development

More Reading at Scribd

Prosperity Without Growth
(The Transition To a Sustainable Economy)

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The callous anti-stimuluscampaign | Crikey

The callous anti-stimuluscampaign | Crikey

Excellent repost to the misinformation campaign promulgated by the economically superstitious.

Election rant 1: wireless greed - Full Duplex - Blogs

Election rant 1: wireless greed - Full Duplex - Blogs

A vigorous critique of the LNPs broadband policy.

quote who=David Braue
linked above

The Coalition's broadband policy relies heavily on the use of wireless technologies to service regional areas with 12Mbps broadband. However, the party's chronic confusion over various wireless standards, and a reliance on currently unavailable radio-frequency spectrum, means that those regional areas won't see any new broadband until 2014 at the earliest and that an Abbott government could kill off the entire private-sector market for 4G wireless in the process.

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We're all boat people, says Hawke - Yahoo!7

We're all boat people, says Hawke - Yahoo!7

Bob For President !
We seem to be dreadfully short of "guts" these days, risk adverse, is the PC term, cowards is more accurate. Seems we replaced merinos with humans, thing is your average Merino Sheep has more brains and guts than the nominal human merino, especially the squatter sub species.

"We're all bloody boat people," he said.

"That's how we found the place."

Mr Hawke said he understood the frustration of many voters at "queue jumpers", but said "we have to look at the other side of the coin".

He said the coalition's approach to the boat people question was "nonsense".

"We cannot turn the boats back," Mr Hawke said.

"These people have got initiative, guts and courage and Australia needs people like that."

He pushed Indonesia as the location for an asylum seeker processing centre, saying it would be "fair enough, as long as the conditions there are humane".

Mr Hawke also spoke about his South Australian-based work with a centre focused on improving relations between the Islamic community and others, saying the real challenge for Australia in his eyes was not to "demonise Muslim people".

The former Labor prime minister repeated his attack on Mr Abbott describing him as "mad as a cut snake" and said Australia needed people like those arriving by boat to claim asylum because they had initiative and courage.

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

The slow, whiny death of Fundamentalism

The slow, whiny death of British Christianity : Johann Hari

Johann Hari says it all.
As for me ...

I am not over Christians I'm over the insistance that I follow their modes, force the Treasury to pay for there elitist (doctrinaire) schools. The vast majority of them and the rest of the Abrahams' behave like empathetic humans, none the less the fundamentalist cess pits that claim righteous representation of "correct" thinking need to be apposed by people of faith and non faith.

I'm also sick to the core of children dying for _their_ causes, from their superstitions, the mistreatment of other species and the planet generally. All those actions they justify even glorify with verses from various pseudo social/philosophical/economics/dominance guides. They mortgage the future of all of us for there own elitist redemption...
Which is doubly ironic as they should not be into profit from interest, but you will notice they are, big time. It may be spiritual lending but they aim to claim the interest. (exclusively). Some of them feel the need to bend the rest of us to respect their paradigm.

Cough... sorry bit over the gay/green bashing today.
They should be ignored and not given one more second of time than it takes to say:

We tried it your way.. Now move on.
Either actually help or get out of the way.
Your wasting oxygen ... etc etc.
Go buy a plasma TV or something.

My plan is to ignore them , maybe they will go away.

They are holding the rest us us back , mostly because we are too polite to tell them to move on.

Autonomous quantum error correction technique proposed for quantum memories

Autonomous quantum error correction technique proposed for quantum memories
I just know I am going to need to read this more than 3 times.

The article proposes a solution to error correction in quantum computing cases, by what looks like a tri-state entanglement ... um no thats not it ...

Quote: (format and emphasis are mine)

In general, it’s much more difficult to design QEC methods than it is to design classical error correction methods because in classical methods, bits can simply be copied for redundancy. However, qubits cannot be copied in the same way due to the non-cloning theorem. Yet physicists can get around this limitation in a few ways, such as by encoding a single “logical” qubit (representing the information carried) in the entangled state of three “physical” qubits using a technique called the bit-flip code.

The new autonomous QEC technique is based on the bit-flip code and another similar strategy called the phase-flip code, and can protect the stored information against independent unwanted flips to any, but not more than one, of the physical qubits.

Whereas previous QEC approaches usually involved discrete restoration steps, the new approach involves a continuous syndrome readout to diagnose and correct errors. In this approach, each physical qubit is strongly coupled to its own optical cavity. If an error occurs so that one of the physical qubits has its state flipped, two feedback signals are sent to the qubit to flip it back and correct the error.

The system is autonomous in that probe signals are continuously providing feedback to the qubits: less than two feedback signals in the case of no errors, and two feedback signals in the case of an error.

A diagram of the proposed quantum memory with autonomous quantum error control (QEC). Image credit: Kerckhoff, et al. (c)2010 APS.

Random Thoughts:

This is at once simple and elegant and fiendishly complex.
(and and and and is quite OK here :)

How would this scale beyond single qubit protection ?
(is that even a need ?)

There are very nice almost analogue computing ideas (HAL style) with the "continuous" streaming nature of the feedback and concurrent ternary states.

Mind you monitoring or debugging ... what are the implications of major damage or .. of course there are predictive algorithms about for extra assurances ... downstream comparisons etc.

Pretty cool guys. Way beyond me.
hmm tempted to use the idea in a network script I was working on back a bit ...
(not because it would be more efficient just because it a cool idea)
It would solve a "tri state" issue I have been bulldozing..

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Christian Fundamentalism (Again)

Went for Constitutional with the good lady wife this morning along the Amy Gillet Bike Track. (Very Nice Thank You. I feel spoiled every time. )

My wife came out of the ladies at the Woodside end with a Christian Democratic Party Flyer , that had been stuck to the back of a cubical door.
Now apart from the soft core vandalism, and the tacky nature of the location, the contents of the A4 flyer, were enough for her to rip it down and stomp out, well, um, cross. Quite broke the serenity of what is a cheery late winter morning here in the Hills.

Both my wife and daughter are Christians who are increasingly distressed by organisations like the Catholic Church, Family First, and now this mob of "Holier Than Thou's " the Christian Democratic Party. "Gives all Christians a bad name". "There are Christians in the Greens ! " and some other decidedly un-churchy comments. (giggle)

I would scan the thing but its torn and not worth the effort.

Here are some highlights.
The heading:(In ALLCAPS RED)
"This Election Could Spell The End Of Christian Freedoms and Values In Australia"

1 paragraph that covers how .. never mind its the normal fundamentalist confusions and paranoia. ... humanism is rampant... how soft the moslems get it ... conspiracy nonsense yada yada.

Then this piece of Christian promulgation/observation/poison ...
" Julia Gillard's public confession on national television that she does not believe in God, her de facto relationship and childless state at 49 by choice, and her usurping of authority over her male counterpart who she swore a week earlier she supported, all cry out judgement upon this nation, as does the Green's brazen support of depravity. These are all firsts for our nation that as Christians we should be alarmed at. "
The "bill" is signed by Joseph Stephen Acting CDP State Director

Reputedly a "Follower of Christ"

Perhaps all would be well in the CDP world if Julia hadn't "come out" National Television?

I truly cant be bothered typing the rest.
Its mostly creepy self reinforcing bullshit about Fred Nile and some nice quotes from scriptures. (OLD testament Isiah 3:9-12 for e.g)

If you would like more of this sort of Love and Enlightenment please see the following contacts with I transcribe faithfully from the paper.
You can phone these bundles of Joy and Love at:
0416 090 232 (ask for Joseph I guess)
of email at:
Maybe some non usurped male will send you a copy. Untouched by dirty green female usurping hands.
The final biblical quote :
" Righteousness exalteth a nation:but sin is a reproach to any people. (Proverbs 14:34)"

Which I guess excuses the slander, hubris, judgement and malice of the flyer :)

Personally I wouldn't use it or them as mulch, way too toxic.

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Low Carbon technologies

Low Carbon technologies Might take a tick to load. Here is my public reading list on "Zero Carbon" and "enabling technologies" at scribd. hint: the page numbers are a reasnable indicator of the size and content. None of these are by me ! (sheeze as if !)

RealClimate: Start here

RealClimate: Start here

Climate Change Info is reasonable place to start collating information, researching etc.

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A tribute to Alistair Knox

A tribute to Alistair Knox

Alistair Knox was the father of the modern mudbrick and owner building movements in Australia.

"The growing premonition that there could be an environmental collapse of nature intensifies the issues in ever increasing circles, and it is this search for genuine simplification of life style that will cause earth to become once again of primary importance as a building medium in the erstwhile sophisticated societies," he wrote in 1975.

-- Alistair Knox 1975

Alistair Knox:

"It is axiomatic that mud bricks will be a fundamental element in the alternative social structure today,'' he wrote.
"The material itself is free. It costs a man his physical labour only, which is the same for both rich and poor. "The making can be a wholly natural activity. It has great therapeutic properties. Watching the earth dry and the varying characteristics of its physical structure, immerse us in poetic deliberations that unites our hearts, heads and hands.

“The house and land have become one and they are also at one with it. A spatial relationship is restored between man and nature. The mind and body of the corporate state man are transformed into the spirit, mind and body of the environmental man who finds ‘tongues in the running brooks, sermons in stones and good in everything’.”
-– Alistair Knox

More Information:

Knox, Alistair Samuel (1912 - 1986)

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Grog's Gamut: Election 2010: Day 20 (or Kev says it’s ok)

Grog's Gamut: Election 2010: Day 20 (or Kev says it’s ok)

@Grogsgamut does it again. Another great post. Another post that goes beyond the cut and paste of most, or the unfocused wanderings of my own.

14 Inevitable Scientific Breakthroughs the World Will Regret |

14 Inevitable Scientific Breakthroughs the World Will Regret |

Bike agenda spins cities toward U.N. control, Maes warns - The Denver Post

Bike agenda spins cities toward U.N. control, Maes warns - The Denver Post

This may be the most stupid right wing conspiracy theory perhaps ever...

UN taking over American Cities via bicycle !

cue visual: "Screaming women and children being trampled on their way to the fall out shelters, thier brave square jawed husbands tazered into submission in razor wired Re-eduction camps "

Xfade to US Flag lying in tatters as the endless wheels of 6,666,666 bikes roll over it... preferably ridden by laughing Hispanics and Eurotrash ... A statue of Castro casts its shadow over cowering children ... etc

you get the idea... the politics of fear continues its slow rotting ooze throughout the free world...

A Progressive Response To Tea Party Contract From America | NEWS JUNKIE POST

A Progressive Response To Tea Party Contract From America | NEWS JUNKIE POST

There are elements of this "conservative" phenomenon at work in the Australian context.

Essentially it a reaction to their own failure. A disjunctive and common element being blame. Its always some "evil empire" that breaks the Torie Utopia.

There are others :
they feel they are the natural rulers of the rest of we great unwashed.
government is a self defeating argument.
anything not us is enemy.
propaganda is the first tool of choice.
righteous indignation replaces rational thought.
an underlying belief that the planet and the other really exist to be exploited for the use of "not other".
they always have some actual superstitious argument to validate this and some conscious salving commitment of others of the "not others" to service for these poor unfortunates who really are not intelligent enough to function in their Roman Civilisation.

White fellas shaft Aboriginals Again ?

Convict sites on World Heritage list
Quote from page:

By Maria Tickle
Wednesday, 04/08/2010
On the weekend eleven convict sites around Australia joined the ranks of Uluru and Bikini Atoll when they were granted UNESCO world heritage listing.

Five of these convict sites are in Tasmania but not everyone's happy about their inclusion.
Michael Mansell is the legal director of the Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre and he says no more "white Australian" sites should be added while the country's indigenous heritage is in danger of extinction.
In this report: Steven Large, CEO Port Arthur Historic Site Management Authority; Michael Mansell, legal director of the Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre

Nigel Mansell says there are 11,000 Convict Heritage Sites and No Aboriginal Sites on the International Register for World heritage Listing. This is absolutely staggering.

Now while Nigel is known for his balanced and even views (cough) he is also quite often correct.

On listening to the above broadcast live...
It sounds like this is another legacy of the Howard Governments "white makes right" policies.
However in spite of efforts by the Rudd government to reverse or at least nullify the removal of Aboriginal Heritage sites, (or the addition of new sites) it appears that there is "sheer ignorance" at work here. Why are Aboriginal sites not on at least 3 states lists.

Why were some at least not included with the same applcation as the Convict Sites, or was this just sane. If a forthcoming application is being made to UNESCO then whats the big secret.
(secrets lead to conjecture, which is often plain wrong)

There are many thousands of Important Aboriginal sites, there are entire regions across the Nation that are already included in National parks that may be listed at UNESCO without threat to someones (transitory) profits.

I'm gunna just assume that this is all "in process" and ask the appropriate Ministers after the Federal Election.

Find places on the World Heritage List

Heritage Branch - Heritage Listings - Nominating for State Heritage Listing
ref: Aboriginal legal bid over bypass heritage row

ref: ABC Radio National

ref: 40,000 Year Old Australian Archaeology Site Reignites Debate On Origins | NEWS JUNKIE POST

ref: 40,000 Year Old Rock Art Site Depicts Extinct Bird | NEWS JUNKIE POST

triple j music news

triple j music news

Florence And The Machine:
sub-atomic particles inspired new song

On Saturday night the massive Amphitheatre stage at Woodfordia was packed to capacity when Florence And The Machine took to the stage. The set was broadcast live around Australia as part of triple j's Splendour Bender. ...

The set list included some new material, including a song titled 'Strangeness & Charm'. During an interview with The Doctor, Florence Welch revealed where she got the inspiration to write it.

"That one was written with Paul Epworth. I was talking to my dad about these two sub-atomic particles called 'strangeness and charm'. People only know they exist because we can feel their effects. I thought that was quite a nice metaphor for you know affection and emotion. I think with things like that it's always finding the humanity in things. But I thought it was quite an interesting phrase and it kind of took me in a tangent that resulted in this song."

Quantum Physics is full full of names like that.
strangeness charm spin colour bosons
Its a quirky little sub atomic multi-verse out down around through over here.

ABC The Drum Unleashed - Is it still a democracy if your vote doesn't count?

ABC The Drum Unleashed - Is it still a democracy if your vote doesn't count?

The above is a discussion about the Australian Electoral system, which to some extent the UK is moving to.
(though thats another issue)

The major points appear to be:
a/ Whats the point voting / most votes don't count
b/ Its rare for a government to actually gain power with a simple majority.
Is our government truly representative ?

Our electoral system was built to accommodate geographical and therefore economic differences and still deliver a stable platform for leadership. To that extent it works and will probably continue to work. The time is probably near (or even past) where we might reasonably ask for more from it.

Aron Paul says at the ABC site :

Our electoral system fails to represent the genuine diversity or proportion of popular opinion because the percentage of votes a party wins is not proportional to the seats won in parliament.

Which of course brings into view proportional representation in the house of reps.
Usually Hare-Clarke or the Senate system or similar.
Some simple arguments for it include :

- represents a broader range of ideas
- enfranchises a larger proportion of the electorate
-- which in turn engages more people in the democratic process

Arguments against include:
- More complex to count
-- so slower to return a result
- leads to unstable parliaments
- allows fringe groups a voice
-- which implies dissent and conflict ?

The arguments against are actually nonsense or at most an inconvenience.

- Computers do the counting the booths need only enter raw data
- It may often take a couple of days, perhaps even longer.
This is not a serious problem we already have a caretaker government in action. It would need to be addressed though, there are sane limits.[1]

- The systems used in New Zealand and Germany , or even the ACT and Tasmanian have not lead to more failures of government.
(just some healthy biffo and even healthy compromise occasionally )[2]
-- yes the system in Italy _was_ a disaster
-- Should a 3rd major force (one that can command say 15% plus in the Senate and grab at least 5 or 6 Reps seats ) rise in Australia or should the big two splinter (DLP ? LIBs at formation)
Our system would be less stable. There is no actionable precedent. The major parties tolerate minor parties in the Senate but are likely to form an agressive and United front against another party in the Reps. (One Nation learnt that lesson, Joh for PM (LOL) similarly )
This argument against proportional representation, is actually an argument for a two party state.

- Technically a Prime Minister could form a government from any collection of members of the house in any case.
-- They need only convince the Governor General that they have the numbers and will play nice.

So our current system is mostly convention, and precedent easily changed, this does not lead to instability.

The upper house was designed as a stablising keel and States Representation (Rights ?) device.
Without it there probably would be no Federation as we currently know it.
It gives the smaller states disproportionate representation but it also has meant that we haven't had any serious conflict (as in armed ) between any states, even the larger two.

As QLD and eventually WA increase their proportion of the population this effect will become even more important.

The redistribution of state treasure to the smaller states has been central to the stability of Australia, though I wonder about how quickly QLD and WA forget about the NSW / Vic subsidy they enjoyed for 80 years or so and still benefit from.
(yeah the GST has eroded all that a little)

The Senate could continue as is (electors drawn from geographic states ) or be reformed around a population based model, the role of the States has been under question for many years in any case. There would need to be a house of review, and even a polity available to form an Emergency type government in case of serious deadlock, and or Constitutional / Supply crisis.

Personally I favor a geographic, environmental region basis for the senate (at least). These would need to overlap congregations of Reps areas very significantly though.

The simple fact is our preferential system is designed to deliver boring compromised stable government, with a focus on the middle ground, itself a compromise. One of the Arts of democratic government is working with compromise while developing and reforming legislation.

A proportional system will give voice to more ideas in that process.
It asks even sometimes demand that the citizenry engage with the concepts behind the nation and her legislation.

Maybe a compromise would be larger multi member electorates ?
I would argue that those would overlap state boundaries, after all this is the National House, we have a States house.

Certainly the current and all recent elections have shown a disproportionate value given to votes from marginally held seats and thereby undue emphasis (almost always) to fringe issues. This is worse than having somebody from a group you disagree with represented as you have no chance at all to change the distorted policy, it will be held in some form by both the big parties.

[1] Usually the caretaker period is about 1 month, Adding a maximum of one more month would be OK but longer may put undue emphasis on the Governor general role (or President :)

[2] While the dialog around the last Tasmanian minority government was less than enlightening it did expose to the local constituency the deep distrust and animosities between all parties and some individuals. Attitudes I would argue that these where / are neither Professional or healthy. The Oxygen of National and local exposure may help restore some sort of collective belief in the states governance. With Tasmanians rather less than diverse economic base I guess its only inevitable that unhealthy entrenched positions develop.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

PLoS ONE: Marine Biodiversity and Biogeography – Regional Comparisons of Global Issues, an Introduction

PLoS ONE: Marine Biodiversity and Biogeography – Regional Comparisons of Global Issues, an Introduction

Now that is how you do proper accessible peer reviewed journals !

Building with Earth.

Building an Earth based dwelling, anxious about that render in a frost?

Here at Scribd I have collated a collection of documents that cover possibly more than any human needs to know about the subject from Clay Chemistry thru to final Renders and bathroom fittings.

( Well OK the bathroom fittings is just slightly exaggerated )

The single standout document would have to be

Building With Earth
From: api_user_11797_kadosh (I didn't upload it)
It's brilliant. Perhaps too comprehensive as an introduction, though hey best to take your time with this sort of thing.
Written by a practiced architect, it draws on research from all parts of the globe,including some of the other documents in the list I suspect.
Scoll down the list to find it.

For Australian and NewZealand Builders the NZ standards are the closest we have.
(sigh.. a long story)
These also have seismic design information.

I will try to dig up the 1930s > 1970s master piece that came out of the CSIRO its still good to use.

The Practical Action Sheets a great quick references. (well worth a Google)

A collection about "Low Carbon Technologies"

Over at Scribd I have uploaded various documents, by people who know "stuff" about Earth Building , Green Economies and Timor Leste.
(so far :)

My Scribd Low Carbon Technology collection is at

For Australians in particular perhaps the most important document is the first one:
Zero Carbon Australia - 2020 Stationary Energy Report v1
Comprehensive Overview of moving the Australian Fixed Energy System to a Zero carbon footprint. Produced by Zero Carbon Australia. While the focus is on the Australian Continent is has relevance for the rest of the planet and indeed draws on technologies and research from across the Globe.

It is the finest document of its type that I have seen (so far).

The others give context and perhaps outline some alternatives.
None is as comprehensive or as directly relevant though.

The Tom Bearden's (Zero Point Energy) document is for the "adventurous" or those looking for a single tech god like solution. Its there as a reminder to myself to explore alternatives even if just for the reason that new technologies even when unrealised have disruptive (positive and negative) effects. There are others across the energy field from breakthrough photovoltaic modes and realised products, to Fusion power. (do NOT hold your breath)

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Peace Corps - Tetun Language Course : US Peace Corps : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive

Peace Corps - Tetun Language Course : US Peace Corps : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive

The goal of this textbook is to help you get started in learning Tetun, one of the two official languages
of East Timor. The goal for Peace Corps trainees is that after ten weeks of training you will be able to
speak Tetun on everyday topics, at a level which all Tetun Dili speakers can understand and accept.
Timorese will love it when you try to learn their language. Tetun has fairly simple grammar, and is
mostly easy to pronounce.

Gernot Minke- Building With Earth : Gernot Minke : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive

Gernot Minke- Building With Earth : Gernot Minke : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive

This is one of the most complete handbooks on Earth Building readily available. The subject is covered from the chemistry of clays right, through testing soils for engineering suitability , to designing multistory dwellings.

Its accessible style and obvious practical background make it extremely useful for the home builder, government officer or Aid Project Manager.

Design assess or build an entire city :)

The Big Green Buy | The Nation

The Big Green Buy | The Nation
WTF Bill Gates ! We agree on something !
Gee I bet that makes his day :)

Monday, 2 August 2010

New solar energy conversion process could revamp solar power production

New solar energy conversion process could revamp solar power production

Stanford engineers have figured out how to simultaneously use the light and heat of the sun to generate electricity in a way that could make solar power production more than twice as efficient as existing methods and potentially cheap enough to compete with oil.

Unlike photovoltaic technology currently used in solar panels - which becomes less efficient as the temperature rises - the new process excels at higher temperatures.
Called 'photon enhanced thermionic emission,' or PETE, the process promises to surpass the efficiency of existing photovoltaic and thermal conversion technologies.
"This is really a conceptual breakthrough, a new energy conversion process, not just a new material or a slightly different tweak," said Nick Melosh, an assistant professor of materials science and engineering, who led the research group. "It is actually something fundamentally different about how you can harvest energy."
And the materials needed to build a device to make the process work are cheap and easily available, meaning the power that comes from it will be affordable.

Oh shucks guys ya all didn't _have_ to name it after me :)

ABC The Drum Unleashed - Demolishing the myths on emissions trading

ABC The Drum Unleashed - Demolishing the myths on emissions trading

The CPRS _was_ a joke.
The greens were right to reject it.
Thats what happens when people who don't believe in a thing legislate about. (well cynically pretend to)

Australia to take 900pc more refugees from Indonesia - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Australia to take 900pc more refugees from Indonesia - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

4 Corner does it again!
Man those guys are good.

This unprecedented footage is the product of the bravery and ingenuity of a refugee who worked with Four Corners and wore a hidden camera into numerous meetings with smugglers and their accomplices.

This man says asylum-seekers are used as "commodities" by the smugglers. He is on a mission to expose the smugglers and break their networks.

"I must destroy these bad people and the people behind them," he says.

ABC The Drum - Labor policy make-up melting in political spotlight

ABC The Drum - Labor policy make-up melting in political spotlight

Wow Chris Uhlman copped flak in depth with above post .


Quite deserved most of it :)

Must get myself a white Persian cat and work up an evil empire :)

Social Micropayment Can Foster Free Software, Discover Flattr | apt-get install debian-wizard

Social Micropayment Can Foster Free Software, Discover Flattr | apt-get install debian-wizard

Hmm I really should check this out.
Nice idea, at the very least.

I have vague memories of other, possibly before their time attempts at similar micro-payment and kudos type ideas. That while of some significance within the FLOSS community have never really taken off.

Actually its a great idea.

Space and Astronomy news daily –

Space and Astronomy news daily –

Your one stop shop for the rest of the Universe

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Reasons To Be Cheerful -Part 1


What to do What to do

I know I am not alone in getting frustrated angry furious at the current facile bullshit that passes for discourse in the Australian polity.

What to do , what to do.

Well I reckon the time has come for cold hard steel :)

If the Libs get in we have at least 3 years of reverse gear and I suspect a LOT of noise.
If Labor gets in it will go better but still no where near quickly enough. The major upside is that at least there will be some progress, and from what I understand of the ALP policies it doesn't break much just SLOWS things down

No of course the Greens cant get into anything like power in the Reps.
They can have some effect in the Senate.

I think we need to "accent the positive and ELIMINATE the negative" .

We need to smother the reactionaries in their own CO2 !
We need to speak to and for the positive, and act where we can to undercut / disfranchise (?) the negative. i.e. Point to some real argument or data apposing their Point of View, expose the propaganda, and leave people to make up their own "moinds".

This means across the board in everything we do.
Choose the best products, cancel Newspaper subscriptions (and tell them why), Tell the shop assistant why you don't want that { widget } and instead are choosing another { widget } or even no { widget } at all.

What we dont want to do is what the greens did last election and start slagging others (In that case Peter Garret } . Adding more negatives always ends up in a negative.

Which is not the same as pointing forward a passionate even coherent argument.

Parliament can only do some much.

The Ranga's "people forum" has its heart in the right place , but is sure to be "white anted" by the "Tories", its their special talent.

Stay strong stay calm, lets get the bastards.

How ?

  A Local Devuan Package Mirror  (( with Xinetd and approx ))   Verbose Version A shorter simpler version is also available (one ...