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White fellas shaft Aboriginals Again ?

Convict sites on World Heritage list
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By Maria Tickle
Wednesday, 04/08/2010
On the weekend eleven convict sites around Australia joined the ranks of Uluru and Bikini Atoll when they were granted UNESCO world heritage listing.

Five of these convict sites are in Tasmania but not everyone's happy about their inclusion.
Michael Mansell is the legal director of the Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre and he says no more "white Australian" sites should be added while the country's indigenous heritage is in danger of extinction.
In this report: Steven Large, CEO Port Arthur Historic Site Management Authority; Michael Mansell, legal director of the Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre

Nigel Mansell says there are 11,000 Convict Heritage Sites and No Aboriginal Sites on the International Register for World heritage Listing. This is absolutely staggering.

Now while Nigel is known for his balanced and even views (cough) he is also quite often correct.

On listening to the above broadcast live...
It sounds like this is another legacy of the Howard Governments "white makes right" policies.
However in spite of efforts by the Rudd government to reverse or at least nullify the removal of Aboriginal Heritage sites, (or the addition of new sites) it appears that there is "sheer ignorance" at work here. Why are Aboriginal sites not on at least 3 states lists.

Why were some at least not included with the same applcation as the Convict Sites, or was this just sane. If a forthcoming application is being made to UNESCO then whats the big secret.
(secrets lead to conjecture, which is often plain wrong)

There are many thousands of Important Aboriginal sites, there are entire regions across the Nation that are already included in National parks that may be listed at UNESCO without threat to someones (transitory) profits.

I'm gunna just assume that this is all "in process" and ask the appropriate Ministers after the Federal Election.

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