Thursday, 5 August 2010

triple j music news

triple j music news

Florence And The Machine:
sub-atomic particles inspired new song

On Saturday night the massive Amphitheatre stage at Woodfordia was packed to capacity when Florence And The Machine took to the stage. The set was broadcast live around Australia as part of triple j's Splendour Bender. ...

The set list included some new material, including a song titled 'Strangeness & Charm'. During an interview with The Doctor, Florence Welch revealed where she got the inspiration to write it.

"That one was written with Paul Epworth. I was talking to my dad about these two sub-atomic particles called 'strangeness and charm'. People only know they exist because we can feel their effects. I thought that was quite a nice metaphor for you know affection and emotion. I think with things like that it's always finding the humanity in things. But I thought it was quite an interesting phrase and it kind of took me in a tangent that resulted in this song."

Quantum Physics is full full of names like that.
strangeness charm spin colour bosons
Its a quirky little sub atomic multi-verse out down around through over here.

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