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Some links to research, ideas and approaches to Green Economics

System | Earthster

The Open Source meme spreads like a cooling salve across the planet :)

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Garnaut Climate Change Review

The Garnaut Climate Change Review presented its Final Report to the Prime Minister of Australia and the eight states and territories on 30 September 2008.

The Review was an independent study conducted by economist Professor Ross Garnaut, commissioned by Australia's Commonwealth, state and territory governments in 2007.

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Melbourne Energy Institute
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Zero Carbon Australia Stationary Energy Plan in brief

The plan shows that it is technically possible to reach 100% renewable energy for Australia within a decade and the technology to achieve this transition is commercially available now. (Solar thermal with molten salt storage replaces baseload power currently sourced from fossil fuels.)

Australia has one of the best solar resources in the world – solar thermal power in the ZCA plan will supply 60% of Australia's electricity.

Wind will supply 40% of Australia's electricity in the ZCA plan. This is comparable to Denmark's 50% by 2025 goal, and Spain's 25% by 2020. In another comparison, China's wind energy industry has been growing by 100% per year for the last four years.

The plan sets out detailed resource and labour requirements.
A transition to 100% renewable energy will create around four times more permanent jobs than currently exist in the domestic fossil fuel sector.

The ZCA Plan will generate an investment of $370 billion over ten years – a stimulus to the Australian economy that is equivalent to 3% of our GDP over ten years.
The investment required for the transition is affordable at $8 per household per week.

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Prosperity Without Growth
(The Transition To a Sustainable Economy)

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