Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Building with Earth.

Building an Earth based dwelling, anxious about that render in a frost?

Here at Scribd I have collated a collection of documents that cover possibly more than any human needs to know about the subject from Clay Chemistry thru to final Renders and bathroom fittings.

( Well OK the bathroom fittings is just slightly exaggerated )

The single standout document would have to be

Building With Earth
From: api_user_11797_kadosh (I didn't upload it)
It's brilliant. Perhaps too comprehensive as an introduction, though hey best to take your time with this sort of thing.
Written by a practiced architect, it draws on research from all parts of the globe,including some of the other documents in the list I suspect.
Scoll down the list to find it.

For Australian and NewZealand Builders the NZ standards are the closest we have.
(sigh.. a long story)
These also have seismic design information.

I will try to dig up the 1930s > 1970s master piece that came out of the CSIRO its still good to use.

The Practical Action Sheets a great quick references. (well worth a Google)

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