Wednesday, 4 August 2010

A collection about "Low Carbon Technologies"

Over at Scribd I have uploaded various documents, by people who know "stuff" about Earth Building , Green Economies and Timor Leste.
(so far :)

My Scribd Low Carbon Technology collection is at

For Australians in particular perhaps the most important document is the first one:
Zero Carbon Australia - 2020 Stationary Energy Report v1
Comprehensive Overview of moving the Australian Fixed Energy System to a Zero carbon footprint. Produced by Zero Carbon Australia. While the focus is on the Australian Continent is has relevance for the rest of the planet and indeed draws on technologies and research from across the Globe.

It is the finest document of its type that I have seen (so far).

The others give context and perhaps outline some alternatives.
None is as comprehensive or as directly relevant though.

The Tom Bearden's (Zero Point Energy) document is for the "adventurous" or those looking for a single tech god like solution. Its there as a reminder to myself to explore alternatives even if just for the reason that new technologies even when unrealised have disruptive (positive and negative) effects. There are others across the energy field from breakthrough photovoltaic modes and realised products, to Fusion power. (do NOT hold your breath)

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