Wednesday, 11 August 2010

The slow, whiny death of Fundamentalism

The slow, whiny death of British Christianity : Johann Hari

Johann Hari says it all.
As for me ...

I am not over Christians I'm over the insistance that I follow their modes, force the Treasury to pay for there elitist (doctrinaire) schools. The vast majority of them and the rest of the Abrahams' behave like empathetic humans, none the less the fundamentalist cess pits that claim righteous representation of "correct" thinking need to be apposed by people of faith and non faith.

I'm also sick to the core of children dying for _their_ causes, from their superstitions, the mistreatment of other species and the planet generally. All those actions they justify even glorify with verses from various pseudo social/philosophical/economics/dominance guides. They mortgage the future of all of us for there own elitist redemption...
Which is doubly ironic as they should not be into profit from interest, but you will notice they are, big time. It may be spiritual lending but they aim to claim the interest. (exclusively). Some of them feel the need to bend the rest of us to respect their paradigm.

Cough... sorry bit over the gay/green bashing today.
They should be ignored and not given one more second of time than it takes to say:

We tried it your way.. Now move on.
Either actually help or get out of the way.
Your wasting oxygen ... etc etc.
Go buy a plasma TV or something.

My plan is to ignore them , maybe they will go away.

They are holding the rest us us back , mostly because we are too polite to tell them to move on.

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