Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Christian Fundamentalism (Again)

Went for Constitutional with the good lady wife this morning along the Amy Gillet Bike Track. (Very Nice Thank You. I feel spoiled every time. )

My wife came out of the ladies at the Woodside end with a Christian Democratic Party Flyer , that had been stuck to the back of a cubical door.
Now apart from the soft core vandalism, and the tacky nature of the location, the contents of the A4 flyer, were enough for her to rip it down and stomp out, well, um, cross. Quite broke the serenity of what is a cheery late winter morning here in the Hills.

Both my wife and daughter are Christians who are increasingly distressed by organisations like the Catholic Church, Family First, and now this mob of "Holier Than Thou's " the Christian Democratic Party. "Gives all Christians a bad name". "There are Christians in the Greens ! " and some other decidedly un-churchy comments. (giggle)

I would scan the thing but its torn and not worth the effort.

Here are some highlights.
The heading:(In ALLCAPS RED)
"This Election Could Spell The End Of Christian Freedoms and Values In Australia"

1 paragraph that covers how .. never mind its the normal fundamentalist confusions and paranoia. ... humanism is rampant... how soft the moslems get it ... conspiracy nonsense yada yada.

Then this piece of Christian promulgation/observation/poison ...
" Julia Gillard's public confession on national television that she does not believe in God, her de facto relationship and childless state at 49 by choice, and her usurping of authority over her male counterpart who she swore a week earlier she supported, all cry out judgement upon this nation, as does the Green's brazen support of depravity. These are all firsts for our nation that as Christians we should be alarmed at. "
The "bill" is signed by Joseph Stephen Acting CDP State Director

Reputedly a "Follower of Christ"

Perhaps all would be well in the CDP world if Julia hadn't "come out" National Television?

I truly cant be bothered typing the rest.
Its mostly creepy self reinforcing bullshit about Fred Nile and some nice quotes from scriptures. (OLD testament Isiah 3:9-12 for e.g)

If you would like more of this sort of Love and Enlightenment please see the following contacts with I transcribe faithfully from the paper.
You can phone these bundles of Joy and Love at:
0416 090 232 (ask for Joseph I guess)
of email at:
Maybe some non usurped male will send you a copy. Untouched by dirty green female usurping hands.
The final biblical quote :
" Righteousness exalteth a nation:but sin is a reproach to any people. (Proverbs 14:34)"

Which I guess excuses the slander, hubris, judgement and malice of the flyer :)

Personally I wouldn't use it or them as mulch, way too toxic.

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