Sunday, 1 August 2010

What to do What to do

I know I am not alone in getting frustrated angry furious at the current facile bullshit that passes for discourse in the Australian polity.

What to do , what to do.

Well I reckon the time has come for cold hard steel :)

If the Libs get in we have at least 3 years of reverse gear and I suspect a LOT of noise.
If Labor gets in it will go better but still no where near quickly enough. The major upside is that at least there will be some progress, and from what I understand of the ALP policies it doesn't break much just SLOWS things down

No of course the Greens cant get into anything like power in the Reps.
They can have some effect in the Senate.

I think we need to "accent the positive and ELIMINATE the negative" .

We need to smother the reactionaries in their own CO2 !
We need to speak to and for the positive, and act where we can to undercut / disfranchise (?) the negative. i.e. Point to some real argument or data apposing their Point of View, expose the propaganda, and leave people to make up their own "moinds".

This means across the board in everything we do.
Choose the best products, cancel Newspaper subscriptions (and tell them why), Tell the shop assistant why you don't want that { widget } and instead are choosing another { widget } or even no { widget } at all.

What we dont want to do is what the greens did last election and start slagging others (In that case Peter Garret } . Adding more negatives always ends up in a negative.

Which is not the same as pointing forward a passionate even coherent argument.

Parliament can only do some much.

The Ranga's "people forum" has its heart in the right place , but is sure to be "white anted" by the "Tories", its their special talent.

Stay strong stay calm, lets get the bastards.

How ?

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