Saturday, 31 July 2010

JET – Europe's largest Fusion Device

JET – Europe's largest Fusion Device
Fusion Research Still Steady.
There are two other major projects which I will collate here soon.

Why is this notable ?

Its one of a couple of emerging technologies that if even half perfected will radically change the way energy is used ...

Radically as in abruptly slamming what and how we undertake most economic activity.

This is here really to remand myself to do a real overview of the state of the art as publicly accessible. Unfortunately there are a heap of conspiracy theories and false hoods "out there".

Other promising technologies in this vaguely non-renewable big science area (?) :

Thorium reactors
Zero Point Energy
Cold Fusion

All those 3 have some level of real claim to validity in spite of the impression you may get from the "popular press".

Its important to know about these because:
1/ The status Quo type are probably sacrificing 3rd World babies to various Deities to exploit them

2/ If they are workable they have the potential to dominate the entire energy sector of at least this planet.
(I'm serious)

3/ As they approach they make the bankers nervous about funding private sector Green Power initiatives

4/ Ditto Government Sector but multiply with all sorts of Strategic / Military / Trade considerations.

5/ Potential exists for the Current Corporate Lobby Industry to exploit propagandise (is that a word) them as the Final Solution... Just stick with the current deal while you fund our next Trillion for us ... etc.

Imagine enough cheap energy to say:
Crack almost nay metal (probably any current Industrial metal) out of Ocean Water.
(including Gold Platinum Lithium Aluminium Iron Tungsten etc, ( Possibly Uranium ? Plutonium ? )

There goes the Global Economy as we know it :)

Hey it might even be a good thing !

More later.
have a heap of old pdfs to grind through (maxwell etc)

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