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A tribute to Alistair Knox

A tribute to Alistair Knox

Alistair Knox was the father of the modern mudbrick and owner building movements in Australia.

"The growing premonition that there could be an environmental collapse of nature intensifies the issues in ever increasing circles, and it is this search for genuine simplification of life style that will cause earth to become once again of primary importance as a building medium in the erstwhile sophisticated societies," he wrote in 1975.

-- Alistair Knox 1975

Alistair Knox:

"It is axiomatic that mud bricks will be a fundamental element in the alternative social structure today,'' he wrote.
"The material itself is free. It costs a man his physical labour only, which is the same for both rich and poor. "The making can be a wholly natural activity. It has great therapeutic properties. Watching the earth dry and the varying characteristics of its physical structure, immerse us in poetic deliberations that unites our hearts, heads and hands.

“The house and land have become one and they are also at one with it. A spatial relationship is restored between man and nature. The mind and body of the corporate state man are transformed into the spirit, mind and body of the environmental man who finds ‘tongues in the running brooks, sermons in stones and good in everything’.”
-– Alistair Knox

More Information:

Knox, Alistair Samuel (1912 - 1986)

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