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RN Future Tense had a piece on the "Human Brain Project" which in itslef is notabale, humans have been working on Artificial Intelligence" natural language Processing etal for ... hmmmm hundreds of years. ( depending where you draw that line)
[ say the middleish 1800's ]


Spin states are inherent to electrons, which are constantly spinning, imparting a momentum to their electrical charge which can be oriented “up” or “down”. Such spin-polarized electrons can be used to encode digital ones and zeros using much less energy than just piling up charge on a capacitor. Ideally, a single electron could be used to store a digital one as “up” spin and a digital zero as “down” spin, enabling the ultimate downsizing for parallel processors to one-bit-per-electron. And for intrinsically parallel applications, such as emulating the billions of neurons in the human brain, the super low power achieved by spin-polarized digital encodings could enable the ultimate parallel processing applications of the future.

Neuromorphic engineering - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

Ah the holy Grail.. Analogue and Digital together....
In the Algorithm and the storage.

The memristors and "spin"  are the partial breakthrough here.

Hmmm maybe the singularity is closer than I thought !

Quantum Computing,  memristors,  Analogue Computing

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