Friday, 30 July 2010

Developing General-Purpose Plastic with Strength of Steel (Press Release) — SPring-8 Web Site

" As part of Promoting Technology Transfer and Innovation by JST, Masamichi Hikosaka, a specially appointed professor, and Kiyoka Okada, a doctoral researcher at the Graduate School of Integrated Arts and Sciences, Hiroshima University, have succeeded in developing a sheet-type recyclable ultrahigh-performance general-purpose polymer at a low cost that has a specific strength higher than that of steel and is light enough to float on water. "

[ Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) ]
Hiroshima University

Developing General-Purpose Plastic with Strength of Steel (Press Release) — SPring-8 Web Site

Random Thoughts:

Just when you thought plastics had reached maturity
How about some good old polypropylene with
a stable operating temperature of 150 degrees C
higher tensile strength than mild steel
still floats on water
low cost
And Readily recyclable

This has gotta have good long term benefits for the environment:
Especially the Recyclable feature.
It should be able to replace steel in many applications
Should be able to replace non recyclable engineering type plastics

The idea would be applicable to other plastics families.
Or perhaps to any crystalline type material that has a controllable "plastic/ colloidal(?)" state. ( Nah now I'm dreaming :)

Even so the applications are pretty endless if so. This produced sheet type material rather than cast, extruded or blown ... but the approach should be extensible.

Perhaps one day a bio(feedstock/grown) type plastic ?
(very low carbon footprint potential)

I wonder how this effects other properties like dialectics , electrical/photonics resistance, flame propagation, impact resistance etc.

Perhaps a better battery or capacitor ?
(Oh well at least you may be able to replace the case the thing lives in :)

Does it come in Pink ?

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